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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Meet the Faculty

Sergio Abit

Soil Science Teaching and Onsite Wastewater Treatment
Phone: (405) 744-9586

Phillip Alderman

Associate Professor
Agricultural Systems Modeler
Phone: (405) 744-9604

Brian Arnall

Professor | Walter R. Sitlington Chair in AgricultureFood Crop Nutrition Precision Nutrient Management
Phone: (405) 744-1722

Brett F. Carver

Regents Professor | Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture
Wheat Breeding and Genetics
Phone: (405) 744-9580

Shiping Deng

Professor | Santelmann/Warth Professorship in Plant and Soil Sciences
Soil Microbiology
Phone: (405) 744-9591

Liberty Galvin

Assistant ProfessorExtension
Weed Science/Precision Weed Management
Phone: (405)-744-2679

Beatrix Haggard

Associate Professor
Plant Science Teaching and Youth Development
Phone: (405) 744-6928

Julie LaBar

Assistant Professor
Environmental Science 
Phone: (405) 744-2288

Josh Lofton

Associate Professor
Cropping Systems Extensions Specialist
Phone: (405) 744-3389

Tyson Ochsner

Professor | Warth Distinguished Professorship in Agriculture
Applied Soil Physics
Phone: (405) 744-3627

Amanda de Oliveira Silva

Assistant Professor
Small Grains Extension
Phone: (405) 744-9617

Steven Phillips

Associate Professor | Nutrients for Life Foundation Professor of Soil and Food Crop Nutrition
Soil Fertility
Phone: (405) 744-7501

Alex Caldeira Rocateli

Associate Professor
Forage and Pasture Management
Phone: (405) 744-9648

Sumit Sharma

Assistant Professor
Irrigation Management Specialist
Phone: (580) 349-5440

Swati Shrestha

Assistant Professor
Weed Science/Weed GenomicsPhone: (405) 744-9588

Million Tadege

Professor | Melvin and Mary Jones Distinguished Professorship of Agronomic Science
Plant Functional Genomics
Phone: (580) 224-0629

Kevin Wagner

Associate Professor | Director of Oklahoma Water Resources Center
Phone: (405) 744-5615

Jiangqi Wen

Research Professor | Institute for Agricultural Biosciences
Phone: (580) 319-6347

Yanqi Wu

Regents Professor | Meibergen Family Professorship In Plant Breeding
Plant Breeding and Genetics (Grasses)
Phone: (405) 744-9627

Liuling Yan

Regents Professor | Dillon and Lois Hodges Professorship
Wheat Molecular Genetics and Breeding
Phone: (405) 744-9608

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