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What does pre-professional mean?

Pre-law, pre-medical and pre-veterinary are not majors, but rather statements of intention that indicate a career goal you are working toward while obtaining your bachelor's degree. Pre-professional requirements can be met regardless of major. The Ferguson College of Agriculture offers several pathways to help achieve your goal of pursuing an advanced degree. Decide upon the major that is most compatible with your interests, talents and skills.


The Ferguson College of Agriculture agribusiness major has a specific degree option for students interested in pre-law that promotes the development of problem-solving abilities and exceptional writing skills. Several students within various Ferguson College of Agriculture majors also have used their diverse agricultural knowledge as their foundation for law degrees.

Majors with a pre-law option




The Ferguson College of Agriculture offers degree tracks within several majors that can lead you to a career in medical fields. The combination of the strong science foundation ingrained in several majors within our college and student leadership opportunities allow students to achieve their goal of advanced study within the broad disciplines of human health-related studies.

Majors with a pre-medical option

Animal Science

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biosystems Engineering



If you want to attend veterinary school, this track may be for you. Several majors in the college have specific degree options for pre-veterinary studies. Each major includes completion of necessary veterinary prerequisite courses.

Majors with a pre-veterinary option


Animal Science

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Early Admission Programs

  • 3+1 Program

    The 3+1 program is an option on some of our degree plans that allows a student to apply to their chosen doctoral graduate program (e.g. vet school, med school, etc.) after completing 3 years of coursework at OSU. If accepted, the student then begins their doctoral program and upon completion of their first year, transfers those hours back to OSU to complete their Bachelor’s degree. If a student does not get accepted into their chosen program, they continue with OSU to complete degree requirements. The following majors have been approved for use: agribusiness, animal science pre-veterinary animal science, biochemistry and molecular biology, entomology, and natural resource ecology management.

  • OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Early Admission Program

    Students accepted to this program agree to complete their bachelor's degree within four years (or less) along with all pre-veterinary required courses and maintain the designated 3.5 GPA each semester of their undergraduate career. Students who finish the Early Admission Program are provisionally guaranteed a seat in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program once they have completed all requirements.

  • Rural and Underserved Primary Care 3+1 Program

    The OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM) seeks to admit students who desire to become primary care physicians in rural and underserved Oklahoma. The 3+1 Program is available to students majoring in animal science or biochemistry and molecular biology in the Ferguson College of Agriculture. Utilizing either of these curricula for the first three years combined with the OSU-COM first year curriculum as their fourth year, students in the program are able to earn a bachelor’s degree from OSU. Students then progress through the second, third and fourth years of the rural and underserved osteopathic medical track to graduate with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree.

  • Pre-Law Option for Early Admission to Law School

    OSU's 3+3 Pre-Law Option for early admission to law school allows students to complete an undergraduate degree and a law degree in just six years. Students who complete at least 90 semester credit hours in a designated pre-law preparatory program and are admitted to an accredited law school will be awarded their baccalaureate degree upon the successful completion and transfer back of up to 30 semester credit hours in law school courses applicable to the OSU degree. Agribusiness, pre-law option is a designated program.

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