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Study Abroad Course in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic


Course Travel Outcomes

The study tour will provide an integrated view of the rich cultural, agricultural, historical, technological, political, economic, communications and religious nuances of Central Europe.


Course Travel Highlights

  • Take in the astounding cathedrals, amazing castles, beautiful chateaus and famous breweries. 
  • View classic architecture and significant World War II sites. Learn how agricultural industries of the region have adapted during the post-communist period. 
  • Added features include a weekend trip to Auschwitz, Poland.
  • Opportunities exist for a personal or small group excursion to places like Berlin, Budapest, London, Paris, Rome, Salzburg or Venice.



Total Cost $4,549
Ferguson College of Agriculture Study Abroad Course Tuition  $897
Course Program Fee (includes health and safety fee, most meals, transportation and hotels) $1,550
Airfare to/from Prague – estimate* $1,400
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)  Insurance** $102
Personal expenses and incidentals*** $600

*Purchased by student and not protected by CFAR. Students are encouraged to purchase flight insurance.

**Protects Ferguson College of Agriculture Study Abroad course tuition and course program fee.

***Not protected by CFAR and may vary by student preference.


Course Enrollment Options

  • AGED 4803: International Study Tour (3 credit hours with I designation*)
  • AGED 5803: International Study Tour in Extension and Agricultural Education (3 credit hours graduate level)

*Undergraduate students at Oklahoma State University are required to take a class that carries an I designation for graduation purposes

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