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AGCM 4403: Planning Campaigns for Agriculture and Natural Resources


This capstone-level course for agricultural communications students is a unique semester-long service-learning experience. Students work as a team to help a business or organization with marketing communications campaign development. The students learn and apply integrated marketing communications activities for a specific problem, project, or event.


Examples of Campaign Plans

From research to planning to implementation, AGCM 4403 students create innovative, strategic marketing communications plans.


Oklahoma FFA Foundation Campaign Plan Book

Oklahoma FFA Foundation

The Oklahoma FFA Foundation supports agricultural education and the FFA in Oklahoma through sponsoring special projects, scholarships, programs, and more. Students in AGCM 4403 worked with the foundation to develop an integrated marketing communications plan to enhance relationships and streamline messaging. The plan features tactics related to digital and social media, as well as tangible donor benefits.

Coney Stillwater Campaing Plan Book

Coney Island Stillwater

Coney Island is a long-time favorite restaurant for residents, college students and visitors in Stillwater. In 2019, the business expanded to include a bar and rooftop lounge area. Students in AGCM 4403 developed a marketing communications plan to increase social awareness and foot traffic to the business. The plan focuses on digital marketing and social media, with a special emphasis on messaging related to the unique attributes and strengths of Coney in relation to competitors.

NACTA Campaign Plan Book

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

The North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) is a membership-based professional society for post-secondary teachers in agriculture. Students in AGCM 4403 worked with NACTA to develop messaging, strategies and tactics related to stabilizing and growing the organization's membership.



Pearce Danes Campaign Plan Book

Pearce Danes

Pearce Danes is a premier American Kennel Club (AKC) Great Dane breeder in Oklahoma. Students in AGCM 4403 worked with Pearce Danes to develop an integrated marketing communications plan to improve customer service for both current and future Pearce Danes customers. This plan featured social media tactics, as well as more traditional print materials.



Examples of Previous Clients

No matter the industry or sector, AGCM 4403 students can help your business or organization meet marketing communications goals. 



    • JandaBend Christmas Tree Farm
    • Stillwater Succulents
    • The Farm, LLC
    • Rustic Roots Events
    • Jahn's Pumpkin Hill
    • Chesterfield Wedding Barn

Beef Products and Ranches

    • 1931 Legacy Ranch
    • 1070 Farms LLC
    • Tailgate Ranch Beef

Education and Events

    • Women in Ranching Education and Development (WIRED)
    • Oklahoma State University Research Week
    • Oklahoma State University Ag Policy Extension programs
    • North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Entrpreneurship and Small Business

    • Downtown Threads

Food and Beverage

    • Coney Island Stillwater
    • deVine Water LLC
    • Mitchell's Sausage Rolls
    • KandaKpomo Inc.

Government and Community Development

    • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • Johnston County Industrial Authority/Marshall County Chamber of Commerce
    • Celebrating Retail, Accommodations, Tourism and Entertainment by Building Rural Innovations and Developing Growth Economies (CREATE BRIDGES)
    • City Of Oklahoma City Storm Water Quality and Household Hazardous Waste

Health and Wellness

    • Soothie Frost LLC

Livestock and Animals

    • Halpain Bucking Bulls
    • Pearce Danes
    • Pecan Hill Poodles and Doodles

Manufacturing and Construction

    • PrestonEastin Robotic Solutions
    • Jerry’s Excavation
    • Fibaroot LLC
    • H&H Septic Solutions Inc.


    • Stillwater Mobile Meals
    • Oklahoma FFA Foundation
    • Girls on the Run of Central Oklahoma
    • Healthy Oklahomans Nutrition Alliance



Information for Clients

The agricultural communications program at Oklahoma State is proud to provide students with real-world experience, and we couldn’t do it without valuable partners and supporters who work with us as clients each semester.



The course is offered two-times per year:

  • Spring: late January to early May annually (applications due: November 15)
  • Fall: late August to early December annually (applications due: May 15)


For the course, students are organized into teams that function like a mini marketing agency. Each team has 3-5 members and works with a client to develop and implement an integrated marketing communications plan.



During the first half of the semester, students work with clients to develop a marketing communications plan that is based on market research and is a blueprint for recommended marketing activities, such as website development, graphic design, social media management, press releases, etc. During the second half of the semester, students will work directly with clients to assist the client in implementing marketing communications activities outlined in the plan. 



A project like this certainly can be mutually beneficial: the students will get experience and clients get an integrated marketing communications plan and some marketing deliverables.



The student work to create and implement aspects of the integrated marketing communications plan is free of charge to clients. However, clients are required to provide a minimum $250 donation to our program that helps support instructional tools (online resources, books, software, student travel expenses, etc.) that add to the rigor of the class. The plan is implemented at the expense of the client above and beyond the $250 donation.


Time Commitment and Responsibilities

This hands-on educational experience is made possible only through the equal commitment of students and clients. Clients are expected to communicate with students weekly; these interactions range from 15 minutes to an hour and can occur via video conference or face-to-face meetings (as CDC guidelines and organizational/OSU policy allow), as well as email, phone, text or other methods. During the implementation phase, these interactions most likely will increase in frequency and length. Near the end of the project, students will virtually present about their work to their classmates, and clients are encouraged to attend these presentations. Clients accepted into the program receive a more detailed, example timeline before the project begins.


Contact the instructor to apply


Client applications are due November 15 to be considered for the spring class and May 15 to be considered for the fall class.


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