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Our Facility

The swine center was dedicated in 2004 as a new, total confinement facility that features modern waste and odor management technologies, as well as an indoor facility for swine judging.


The center receives approximately 100 different visits each year by 4-H, FFA and collegiate livestock teams.

Swine center buildings

The swine center houses high-quality Yorkshire and crossbred sows, along with commercial pigs used for nutrition research. The herd is known for its outstanding purebreds with numerous national show champions and high-selling boars through the years.


The OSU herd will show and sell breeding swine at 3-5 national shows each year. OSU still holds the record for the highest selling purebred boar at auction by a college or university, when in 2001 they sold a Yorkshire boar for $70,000 at a National Type Conference. 


The center also uses OSU student employees and has housing available for up to four students.


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