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Non-Ruminant Nutrition

Non-ruminant animals are animals with a single-compartment stomach, such as swine, poultry, horses, dogs, cats, and humans. Non-ruminant nutrition looks at the diet of these animals as it relates to their digestion, growth, performance, and overall health. Person holding piglet


Anyone interested in non-ruminant nutrition can pursue an animal science degree within our department.


Animal Science Major


Graduate Program


Undergraduate Research



 Our non-ruminant nutrition research focuses on:

  • Development of novel alternatives to antibiotics.
  • Gut microbiota that are linked to animal health and growth performance.
  • Immune boosting dietary compounds for growth promotion and disease control and prevention.
  • The effect of alternative feedstuffs on growth performance and carcass traits.
  • The effects of feed additives on growth performance and carcass traits.
  • The impact of diet on nutrient excretion and gaseous emissions.

Our Research



We strive to keep the industry and consumers informed with up-to-date research data and outreach efforts.




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