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Our Research Program

Get experience as an undergraduate.
The OSU Animal and Food Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholars Program engages undergraduate students in research.
Knowledgeable faculty members serve as mentors for undergraduate students while they gain valuable hands-on experience working on cutting-edge research projects side-by-side with faculty, graduate students, lab supervisors and research unit managers.
The program engages promising undergraduates and provides a solid foundation in research methods to better prepare them for industry and academic careers in the fields of animal and/or food sciences.

Hands-On Learning

Build key lab techniques and skills.
Once in the program, research scholars are mentored by faculty researchers. 
Getting hands-on research experience as an undergraduate can help students to hone in on their educational and career goals, as well as build key lab techniques and skills. This will better prepare them for future research opportunities, such as graduate programs and future careers.


How it Works


Animal and food science students who have above a 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply. Approximately 20 students are selected each year.

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Gain Skills

Students are paired with a mentor based on their research interests. Mentors help students to navigate the research process and to develop critical thinking and communications skills.

Share Findings

Students have the ability to attend national meetings, publish peer-reviewed manuscripts in reputable journals and earn Undergraduate Research Scholar transcript designation.

  • What kind of research can I conduct?

    There is a variety of animal science and food science research projects that undergraduate researchers can be a part of, including:

    • Animal Health and Wellness
    • Food Safety
    • Genetics
    • Meat Science
    • Non-Ruminant Nutrition
    • Physiology
    • Ruminant Nutrition
    • Sustainability
  • What is the program like?

    Students in the program gain hands-on experience through cutting-edge research completed alongside faculty, graduate students, technicians and research unit managers, ranging from laboratory work to field studies.


    Our research scholars are paired with a faculty mentor based on their research interests, and have the opportunity to earn up to $500 per semester.


    If a research scholar meets the minimum program requirements and receives a faculty mentor recommendation each year, they can continue to be part of the program throughout their undergraduate career.


  • Program Requirements

    To apply:

    • Must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior with above a 3.0 GPA.


    Once Accepted:

    • Research scholars must work a minimum of four hours per week.
    • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA minimum. 
    • Research scholars are required to submit a research proposal to an on-campus agency by their second year in the program. Whether or not the student is successful with the proposal, the student may remain a departmental research scholar and continue working with his/her mentor.
  • OSU Research Scholarship Programs

    OSU has a number of research scholarship programs that undergraduate students can apply for.

  • Our Current Research Scholars
    • Paetyn Armstrong
    • James Borgerding
    • Jacob Burch-Konda
    • Meredith Bush
    • Haley Crenshaw
    • Adelle Croffard
    • Allison Fredman
    • Paige Gilmore
    • Maddie May
    • Carrie Meeks
    • Isaac Mergner
    • Ty Montgomery
    • Kennedy Roberts
    • Carlee Salisbury
    • Madelyn Scott
    • Nicole Stevens
    • Josh Swain
    • Danielle Tran
    • Emma Turner
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