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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Plan your educational and career path.
Academic advisors provide expert advice to students on courses and degree plans. We have an excellent reputation for advisement and mentoring by faculty.
First and second-year students are advised by faculty who focus on aiding them in the transition to college. These two years allow students to get to know other faculty members within the department and then choose who will advise them during their junior and senior years. 
Faculty member advising student

Appointments and Enrollment

Students are required to meet with their advisors each semester before enrolling in classes. Only a student's assigned advisor can clear him/her for enrollment.

Have questions about advising appointments or enrollment? Look through the helpful tips below.

  • What is my enrollment date?

    Check your enrollment date:

    • Log in to the Student Self-Service page.
    • Click "Student" tab.
    • Click "Student Profile."
    • Look for "Notes"
    • View enrollment date.
  • Who is my advisor?

    It is important to know who your assigned advisor is before scheduling an appointment. Only your assigned advisor can clear you for enrollment.

    Unsure of who your assigned advisor is? Find your advisor by:

    • Logging onto "Student Self-Services."
    • Click "Student" tab.
    • Click "Student Profile."
    • Look under "Advisors."
  • When should I make my advising appointment?
    • Contact your advisor three to four weeks before your enrollment date.
    • Schedule the appointment before your enrollment date.
    • Don't wait until the week of your enrollment to schedule your appointment or you might not be able to get in!
  • How do I make an advising appointment?

    Contact your faculty advisor and ask their preference for making an appointment.

  • How do I prepare for my advising appointment?
    • Check for HOLDS that will prevent you from enrollment. Your advising hold will be lifted after you meet with your advisor.
    • Make a plan using Plan Ahead tool.
    • Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your major, including prerequisite courses.
    • View your degree sheet. Select the academic year in which you declared (or plan to declare) your major.
    • Select classes that you would like to take next semester (consult your degree sheet).
  • How do I enroll for class?

    Online Enrollment begins at 12:01a.m. on your enrollment date.

    To Enroll:

  • Enrollment Tips
    • Start enrolling as soon as possible on your enrollment date to ensure you get into your classes.
    • It is helpful to enroll first in classes that constrain your schedule, are a priority, or have only a few seats left. Base the rest of your schedule around these courses.
    • If you created a class schedule using the "Plan Ahead" tool, you can select "Plans" then "Add-All" to add all of your classes at once within Student Self-Services.
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