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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Food Science Major

Food scientists ensure the safety and quality of foods from the point of production on the farm until products reach the consumer’s plate. 


The study of food science includes all types of foods, such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, and further processed foods that you find in grocery stores and restaurants.


Food scientists create new food products, improve food-processing techniques and ensure the quality, safety and nutritional value of the food supply.


Food science students in class.

Degree Options

Within the food science major, students will study the food science degree option (predefined emphasis area) so that their plan of study meets their needs.

  • Food Science

    Prepare for a career in the food science industry. This curriculum will cover a broad range of topics such as food safety, meat science, food production and processing, food microbiology and product development.

    Learn about the technical challenges of the modern food industry and critical issues relating to food safety, government regulations and food safety programs being required by government and industry leaders.


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