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Dear Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or Biochemistry Undergraduate Poke,


We are very excited that you have chosen Biochemistry or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as your major; you can indeed go far by completing either of these majors.

We are also excited to have you in our Department and want to do as much as we can to see that you are successful in your major.


In an effort to provide you with additional career and academic advice, we initiated the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Faculty Mentoring Program during Spring Semester 2020.


This program will not involve class scheduling or graduation checks (which is the work of your primary advisor), but instead will provide you time with a professional Biochemist and Molecular Biologist faculty member who you can talk with.


The name of your faculty mentor will be forthcoming, but once you find out who it is, it is up to you to send them an E-mail or call them (you can find them here: Faculty) to schedule a meeting with them.


These meetings are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.


The meetings you have with your Faculty Mentor are intended to last ~ 15 minutes (unless more time is required) and should provide you an opportunity to find out how your Faculty Mentor completed their education, what drove them, and how they got to be the professional they are today.


They should also be able to let you know the problems they encountered during their educational experience.


The Faculty Mentor will also ask you some questions that will allow them to determine if you are on track with your major and professional aspirations.


They will also be there to suggest alternative careers or additional education programs that your major will prepare you for or provide you with information about tips on studying.


Some of this information is already available to you at Undergraduate Program Information.


As faculty, we also want to hear about any difficulties you experience with your education at Oklahoma State University and learn more about the career paths you intend to take when you complete your degree.


This information you provide us will be used to improve the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student experience, track our alumni and help us determine how we can change our curriculum  in an effort to improve both student persistence in our Department and degree completion.


In closing, the faculty of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department are here for you and look forward to getting to know you better!


Please schedule a meeting with your Faculty Mentor as soon as you receive their name.

I wish you the best this semester!


Dr. Ramanjulu Sunkar

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinator

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