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Learn how to teach a university course while enhancing your scientific communication skills, by serving as a Teaching Intern for BIOC 3653 - Survey of Biochemistry.


Course Number:
 BIOC 4990
Course Title: Biochemistry Teaching Internship
Credit Hours: 3 (approximately 9 hours of work per week)

**Note:  Students may have the option to enroll in teaching internships in multiple consecutive semesters, in order to cultivate their teaching skills with advancing status as noted by subsequent Course Title**

Duties of a Teaching Intern:

  • Attend course lectures
  • Hold (1) weekly Office Hour
  • Contribute to Homework/Quiz questions
  • Participate in grading
  • Attend and Contribute to Review Sessions
  • Assist with preparation of demonstrations


  • Provides unique experience to enrich undergraduate education
  • Allows student (teaching intern) to solidify and apply knowledge in subject area.
  • Develops methods of communicating complex scientific topics in students.
  • Provides exploration in the field of higher education.
  • Allows undergraduate students to work closely with faculty & graduate students.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Receipt of “A” grade in course.
  • Interest in education /teaching.
  • Application and “interview” process.
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