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What is the Striped Bass Reward Tag Study all about?

Reward tags have been placed on many Striped Bass in the Arkansas River, lower Illinois River (below Tenkiller Dam) and lower Canadian River (below Eufaula dam). Several important types of fisheries data can be collected from reward-tag studies. Of particular importance to our research is gaining information about the number and sizes of fish commonly caught by anglers such that this can be compared with our electrofishing data to see if anglers are capturing each size class of fish in proportion to their abundance in the population. We also are trying to determine how often and how far fish move. Reward tags can help provide that location data when anglers tell us where they caught a fish and we compare it with the location where we tagged and released the fish.


Anglers participating in the reward study will be contributing this type of information that will help advance research to ensure the best possible management that enhances fishing for Striped Bass in tailwater habitats (the goal of our overall research project). To thank anglers for participating in this study by providing information about tagged fish they catch, all anglers who provide information using the form below will be entered into a monthly drawing for multiple rewards ranging up to $100. Additional details on how to claim your reward are given below.


How to Report a Reward Tag

If you caught a fish with a reward tag, please report your tag. The link will take you to a Google Forms document. Answer the questions and you will be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for a monetary prize up to $100. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of anglers responding each month. Thanks for helping us as we strive to learn information to improve the quality of Striped Bass fishing in the Arkansas River system.

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