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Resources relevant to research from the Wildlife Chairs at Oklahoma State University is provided in the form of both selected videos, fact sheets and research publications. We believe it is critical for research results to be properly disseminated through both peer reviewed research journals and through the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service so that the public has access to objective applied research findings. A list of chair research can be found on each chairs description pages.




Bradford Pear Encroachment

Invasive callery pear include cultivars like Bradford and Chanticleer. These trees are spreading out from urban areas, where they were planted, into pastures and rangelands forming dense thickets. These vigorous resprouters cannot be killed by cutting the trunks. Unless completely uprooted, herbicides will be needed. Spraying the leaves is effective on small trees but on large trees herbicide must be applied to the bark or cut stump. Triclopyr ester like Remedy is most effective.


Migratory Birds in Oklahoma

Kurtis Hair travels to Muskogee County to talk about migratory bird patterns in Oklahoma.


Controlling Aflatoxin in Wildlife Feed

Dwayne Elmore explains how to prevent aflatoxin in wildlife.


Blue Tongue in White-Tailed Deer

Extension Wildlife Specialist Dwayne Elmore talks with us about blue tongue in wild deer along with helpful tips to make sure your livestock are kept safe from it.


Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer

Dwayne Elmore explains what land owners and hunters should keep an eye out for when it comes to Chronic Wasting Disease in deer.


Wildlife Food Plot Management 1

This week, we start with wildlife food plot management advice from Dwayne Elmore.


Wildlife Food Plot Management 2

This week, we start with wildlife food plot management advice from Dwayne Elmore.


Thinning Trees for White-Tailed Deer

Dwayne Elmore has advice for managing wooded areas for whitetail deer populations.


Culling Deer

Dwayne Elmore answers the question: does culling smaller antlered deer help larger antlered deer flourish?


Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area

Aerial Footage of Completed Riparian Restoration for Rio Grande Wild Turkey.


Best Time to Cut Fields and Pastures for Wildlife

Dwayne Elmore explains the benefits to wildlife of only cutting a meadow once.


Burning for Bobwhite

This week in Naturally Speaking, OSU Extension wildlife specialist Dwayne Elmore talks about how to properly use prescribed burns to manage pastures for Bobwhite quail.


How to Manage Cover to Promote Quail Nesting

Dwayne Elmore explains how to manage pastures to promote quail nesting.


Managing Dove Fields

Dwayne Elmore has advice on crops to attract doves.


Managing Ponds for Waterfowl

OSU Extension wildlife specialist Dwayne Elmore talks about types of plants you can plant around your farm pond to attract and maintain water foul.


Importance of Wetlands for Shorebirds

SUNUP travel to Garfield County to learn about the birds enjoying a layover in our state, as they travel north for the summer.


Greater Prairie-Chickens

We travel to Osage County to visit The Nature Conservancy's Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, where Dwayne Elmore and Torre Hovick are conducting research on greater prairie-chickens and fire.


Turkey Habitat

Dwayne Elmore explains why shinnery oak is important to wildlife in western Oklahoma.


Fact Sheets


Research Publications

Many of the publications below are open access and can be downloaded in the full version. If you are not able to access the entire document, please contact Dwayne Elmore.

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