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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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In the Ferguson College of Agriculture, we believe your college experience is the beginning of your future career. Your experience as a student in our college is yours to create, and therefore, so is your career. Be the master of your craft and create it with care and intentionality.

Your Career Development Starts Now

Regardless of the work you have or have not exerted already toward developing your career, you will find recommendations in the following pages targeted at helping you continue your personal creation of your future success. Tasks for identifying career options, succeeding academically, developing a network of connections, building professionalism skills, acquiring career-related experience, and applying for future opportunities are all detailed, including the purpose behind each recommendation and the path for how to fulfill them.

Career Development Recommendations


Learn about opportunities that fit with your interests, skills and talents. Use this time and the resources we have available to learn more about who you are and what you want to do after graduation.


Once you have discovered where you want to go, the next step is identifying and mapping the potential paths to get you there. The academic, extra-curricular and career-related opportunities you choose will reinforce your decisions and set your plan in motion.


Actively use resources both on and off campus to help you navigate the process of securing career opportunities that meet your specific goals.


You’ve invested time, effort and energy into discovering, preparing and securing your chosen opportunity. Now is the time to thrive in the experience.

Resume Reviews and Appointments

Make an Appointment

Meet with a member of our career services staff for a career consultation to discuss your goals and make sure you're on the path to career success.


Undergraduate students can request a career consultation through Star. 


Graduate students can set up a career consultation via email.

Resume Review

Have a career conversation with a career liaison! We have career liaisons available daily to meet with you to review your resume, cover letter and job application.


In-Person Hours

9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Monday – Friday

Student Success Center, 103 Ag Hall

Virtual Resume Drop-off

Busy schedule? No problem! Email  your resume, cover letter and job application to our career liaisons and they will review and return it to you. 


  • Academic success coaching
  • Campus involvement guidance
  • Professional development resources
  • Major exploration
  • Career assessments
  • Teaching statement development
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Career networking events
  • Mock interviews
  • Graduate school prep
  • CV review
  • Personal statement development

Save the Date for the Career Fair

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Fair on September 19, 2024. Our career fair is a networking and connection opportunity for both students and employers associated with agriculture, food, natural resources, and environmental disciplines.
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