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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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AG 1011 Student Academic Mentors

AG 1011 is the first year seminar course for students in the Ferguson College of Agriculture that meets during the first eight weeks of the fall semester. AG 1011 SAMs assist with the AG 1011 freshmen seminar course by serving as mentors and group discussion facilitators to small groups of students.

Opportunity in Leadership

Through this leadership role, returning students have the opportunity to assist new students with their transition into OSU and the Ferguson College of Agriculture by answering questions and providing guidance from a student’s perspective. AG 1011 SAMs also assist the course professor with class activities, announcements, group activities and facility tours.

What is AG 1011?

AG 1011 is the freshmen seminar course for students in the Ferguson College of Agriculture. The class meets during the first eight weeks of the fall semester. The course is required of all freshmen students in our college and addresses methods of study, the faculty advisement system, organization of curriculum, discussion of requirements and career opportunities in various fields of agriculture, and more. The course is taught by Dr. Deborah VanOverbeke, Ferguson College of Agriculture Assistant Dean of Academic Programs.

2023 AG 1011 Student Academic Mentors


  • Andre Abit
  • Paige Anderson
  • Claire Barker
  • Jordyn Baskin
  • Audrey Bishop
  • Mae Boedeker
  • Julia Brost
  • Kenzie Burton
  • Lukas Castro
  • Elizabeth Chandler
  • Hannah Chen
  • Gwendolyn Childs
  • Jenna Coakley
  • Megan Colvin
  • Rayne Cranford
  • Kaite Dillon
  • Holly Doherty
  • Jenna Frederick
  • Allison Gekeler
  • Imunique Gilliam
  • Riley Gilreath
  • Aaron Guzman
  • Hanna Hamre
  • Shayde Harris
  • Abby Hester
  • Vera Howard
  • Haley Hunt
  • Rylee Hunt
  • Payton Irick
  • Danielle Jawad
  • Billie Ann Jervis
  • Rylan Jordan


  • Kaylee Keeler
  • Tatumn Kennedy
  • Dylan Kottkamp
  • Brandon Lungelbach
  • Megan Murray
  • Ellie Neidel
  • Maddy Nissen
  • Runo Okotie
  • Pheobe Olvey
  • Abby Pace
  • Brylee Parker
  • Emma Patterson
  • Mattie Pettus
  • Vanessa Rendon
  • Ben Roberson
  • Angelique Robinson
  • Hunter Royer
  • Regan Smithwick
  • Caleb Snodgrass
  • Laney Stephens
  • Halle Sumpter
  • Kenzie Thiessen
  • Ashley Thomas
  • Mia Torigiani
  • Taylor Trigueiro
  • Malana Unsell
  • Julia Vela
  • Carson Westberg
  • Harrison Wicker
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