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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Alumni Awards

Early Career Achievement Award

The Ferguson College of Agriculture prepares its graduates to succeed at the highest levels of their chosen career path. The Early Career Achievement Award recognizes two former students who have found early success in their careers.


  • 2024

    Jered Davidson

    Kyle Hilbert

  • 2023

    Cody Klein

    Jerry May

  • 2022

    Dr. J. Connor Ferguson

    Emily Shuping

  • 2021

    Dr. Stephanie Rogers

    Sara Scott

  • 2020

    Kelli Payne

    Myriah Johnson

  • 2019

    Travis Bradshaw

    Cortney Cowley

  • 2018

    Trent McKnight

    Bambi Sidwell

  • 2017

    Shannon Angle

    John Marc Holt

  • 2016

    Robyn (Sites) Rudisill

    Brady Sidwell

  • 2015

    Mike Albert
    Kent Gardner

  • 2014

    Bart Fischer
    Tyler Norvell

  • 2013

    No awards (skipped year in transition from BBQ to Gala)

  • 2012

    Jason Harvey
    Shane Robinson

  • 2011

    Tyson Ochsner
    Heather Van Hooser

  • 2010

    Shannon Ferrell
    Chris Stephens

Distinguished Alumni Award

The OSU Ferguson College of Agriculture Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes and honors graduates who have contributed significantly to society and whose accomplishments, inside or outside the agricultural profession, have brought distinctive credit to the college.


  • 2023

    Lionel Bentley

    Heather Buckmaster

    Gary Clark

    Andy Cole

    Eddie Fields

    Terry Tippens

  • 2022

    John Fenderson

    Jeff Hilst

    Lenny Hughes

    Karen Eifert Jones

    Tammy Lee

    Patsiann Nix Smith

  • 2021

    Mindy Brashears

    Raymond Campbell

    Michael Galyean

    Brett Ramsey and Greg Ramsey

    Frank C. Robson

  • 2020

    Greg & Kristen Hart

    Richard Carter

    Michael Kenna

    Ken Pinkston

  • 2019

    Austin Kenyon

    Clint Roush

    Tererai Trent

    Susanne Wasson

  • 2018

    Charlotte Kirk Baer

    Frederick Drummond

    Gregory Schultz

  • 2017

    Richard Large

    Bill Lingren

    Paul Redman

  • 2016

    Larry Ferguson

    Ron Justice

    Matthew Waits

  • 2015

    Minnie Lou Bradley

    James E. Kennamer

    Robert L. Westerman

  • 2014

    Larry Shell

    Ross McKnight

    Barry Pollard

  • 2013

    Randy Davis

    Butch Meibergern

    Bob Sherrer

  • 2012

    Tommy Kramer

    Ron Sholar

  • 2011

    Scott Dewald

    Terry Forst

    Don Schieber

  • 2010

    Keith Kisling

    Joe Schulte

    Doug Tippens

  • 2009

    Claud Evans

    Mark Hodges

    Ken Starks

  • 2008

    Joe Neal Hampton

    Mike Kubicek

    Clem McSpadden

  • 2007

    Byrd Collins Curtis
    Edward A. Smith
    Dennis R. White

  • 2005

    Pongsak Angkasith
    Frank D. Lucas

  • 2003

    Don Peters
    R. Larry Watkins

  • 2002

    George Hall
    Quintus Herron
    Billy Tucker

  • 2001

    Burke Healey
    Ronnie Morgan
    Donald Ramsey

  • 2000

    Ralph Dreessen
    Paul Hitch (d)
    Lew Meibergen

  • 1999

    Terry Nipp
    Orville Sweet
    Emmett Thompson

  • 1998

    Bobby Moser
    Russell Pierson

  • 1997

    Robert Ealy
    David Williams

  • 1996

    Willard Sparks
    Walter Woolley Jr.

  • 1995

    Ray Kimsey
    Alan Ritchey

  • 1994

    Doyle Keirn
    Jean Neustadt

  • 1993

    Harold Burkhart
    William McDonald Jr.

  • 1991

    Richard Crowder
    Richard Willham

  • 1990

    U. Jerry Grant
    Ed Long
    Francis Tuttle
    Robert Walton

  • 1989

    Duane Acker
    William Taggart
    Wes Watkins

  • 1988

    Zerle Carpenter
    J.D. Fleming
    Henry Ponder

  • 1987

    Frank Baker
    Henry Hitch Jr.

  • 1986

    K.C. Emerson
    Lloyd Long
    William May

  • 1985

    Whitham Finney
    Leon McDonald

  • 1984

    Melvin Jones

  • 1983

    Henry Bellmon
    Fred Merrifield
    Herbert Swim

Champions Award

The Champion award recognizes and honors individuals who are not graduates of the Ferguson College of Agriculture, but who have brought distinction to OSU Agriculture and have demonstrated a continuing interest and commitment in agricultural sciences and natural resources.


  • 2023

    Win and Kay Ingersoll

    Jon Newell

  • 2022

    Elizabeth Logan

    Carl Whitcomb

    Joe Williams

  • 2021

    Martha Burger

    Arlan Richardson

    Brenda Sidwell

    Joyce Taylor and Barbara Pass

    Marta White

  • 2020

    Paul Schatte

  • 2019

    Kathy Noltensmeyer

    David Waits

  • 2018

    Brad Parker

    Gene Rainbolt

    JD Waggoner

  • 2017

    John Groendyke

    John Patrick Lopez

    Merlin and Lillian Schantz

  • 2016

    Randy Byford

    Malinda Berry Fischer

    Dick Fischer

    Helen Hodges

  • 2015

    Linda Cline

    Rita Sparks

    John Williams

  • 2014

    Bob Funk

    David Howard

    Rodd Moesel

  • 2013

    Bob Hamilton

    Dace McLaughlin

    Linda Shackelford

  • 2012

    Bill Ford

    Paul Jackson (posthumous)

    Virgil Jurgensmeyer

  • 2011

    Terry Detrick

    Ron Hays

    Mike Spradling

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