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Follow the links below to visit the Oklahoma State University Course Catalog to see a listing of AECL courses.


Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership (AECL)

Agricultural Education (AGED)

Agricultural Communications (AGCM)

Agricultural Leadership (AGLE)

Agricultural Systems Technologies (AST)




Course Requirements


Follow the links below to visit the Oklahoma State University Course Catalog to see course requirements for AECL degrees.


Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Communications: Agribusiness Double Major

Agricultural Communications: Animal Science Double Major

Featured Courses
  • AGCM: 4233 Agricultural Photography Tour

    Throughout this course, students will develop advanced knowledge in the art of photography while exploring the sights of beautiful South East Oklahoma. This 10-day adventure allows students to gain hands-on experience in an environment where mistakes are welcomed, and a helping hand is always nearby. Agricultural Photography Tour allows students to engage and learn from others while enhancing and fine-tuning their photography skills. It’s the perfect combination of exploration and education!  Click here to learn more!

  • AGCM 3233: Basic Photography and Photo Editing for Agriculture

    Basic Photography and Photo Editing for Agriculture allows students to gain hands-on experiences in learning photography practices and editing. The course is designed to expand students’ knowledge of basic camera operations, how to take correctly exposed photos, and introduce them to editing software. Click here to learn more!

  • AGCM 4413: Cowboy Journal

    The Cowboy Journal is a magazine produced throughout a capstone class students in the agricultural communications program take in their final semester. The Cowboy Journal staff members use the skills they have developed through courses such as layout and design, photography, and feature writing to produce a magazine for the Oklahoma State University Ferguson College of Agriculture. Click here  to learn more!

  • AGCM 4403: Planning Campaigns in Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Since 2003, the agricultural communications program at Oklahoma State has offered a service-learning course titled AGCM 4403: Planning Campaigns in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Each semester, a few businesses or organizations are accepted as clients to receive marketing communications problem-solving help from a student team. Click here to learn more!


Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education: Agricultural Business and Economics

Agricultural Education: Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Education: Animal Agriculture

Agricultural Education: Horticultural Sciences

Agricultural Education: Multidisciplinary

Agricultural Education: Natural Resources

Featured Courses
  • AST 3211: Engines and Powers

     In this class, students are provided with a hands-on opportunity to explore the theory of operation for small gas internal combustion engines through a systems approach. This is achieved through diagnostics, operations, maintenance, and performance checks on small gas engines used for agricultural applications. Click here to learn more!

  • Ast 3222: Metals and Welding

    Students will explore a variety of principles and processes associated with welding, cutting, and fabricating both hot and cold metals. These principles and processes are based on current industry standards and will be practiced and applied in a safe, hands-on environment. Click here to learn more!

  • AGED 4990: African American​ Agriculture 

    This course provides an engaging insight to African Americans contributions to the agricultural economic system, and evaluates unique African American figures within the agricultural industry. Click here  to learn more!


Agricultural Leadership

Agricultural Leadership

Agricultural Leadership: Extension Education

Agricultural Leadership: International Studies



Undergraduate Minor Requirements

Agricultural Leadership

Agricultural Leadership minor



Graduate Degree Requirements

Agricultural Communications, M.S.

Agricultural Education and Leadership, M.S.

Agricultural Education, Ph.D.

Agricultural Leadership, M.Ag.


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