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Our Minors

Whether you have a passion for animal or food science or simply want to learn about another field while at OSU, you can add it to your curriculum as a minor.


Earning a minor not only expands your knowledge about a field of study, but it can make you stand out to potential employers.


There are students from all over the university minoring in animal or food science. They range from agricultural communications majors wanting to expand their knowledge about animal science, all the way to chemical engineering majors who want to work in the food science industry.


Student in kitchen with food.

Animal Science Minor

Animal science is concerned with the science and business of domestic animals, including livestock species and companion animals.

  • Study of Animal Science

    The study of animal science includes:

    • Animal health and well-being
    • Animal nutrition
    • Animal genetics
    • Livestock production systems
    • Animal management and husbandry
    • Animal products
  • Courses

    The animal science minor curriculum covers a large variety of animal science topics.


    View the full course requirement list in the OSU Academic Catalog.

  • Requirements

    Minors in animal science require 22 hours of animal science related courses.

Food Science Minor

Food science is the art and science of what goes on between the time a food item is produced and the time it ends up on a consumer's plate.


If a topic in any way involves something edible, then it is a part of food science!

  • Study of Food Science

    The study of food science includes:

    • All types of food products
    • Food processing
    • Food safety
    • Food quality
    • Product research and development
  • Courses

    The food science minor curriculum will cover both introducing concepts of food science and courses focusing on particular areas of food science.


    View the full course requirement list in the OSU Academic Catalog.

  • Requirements

    Minors in food science require 20 hours of food science related courses.

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