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The 226 ft² drylab facility is used for fish age and diet analysis, zooplankton or benthic invertebrate identification, or other lab-bench activities. It contains a double-basin stainless steel sink with a soil trap used for processing samples, desks, filing cabinets, and lab bench surface.


Microscopy and Image Analysis System

 Olympus SZX-16 with 1.6XPF apochromatic adjusted objective lens allows for 11-184x magnification with high resolution (0.24 NA). This is configured with a Canon 50D digital SLR 15 megapixel camera that allows live viewing of samples and can take still images or video for documentation or image analysis (e.g., automatic identification and/or measurement of growth rings). The camera is interfaced with a computer with dual monitor display to facilitate simultaneous viewing and data recording.


Buehler Isomet Low-Speed Saw

The Buehler Isomet low-speed saw is used to precisely sectioning hard parts (otoliths, spines, etc.) for aging fish.



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