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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Animal Health and Wellness

Animal health and wellness affects all animals, including humans. Our program focuses humans and domesticated animals, such as livestock species and pets.


Animal health and wellness covers a wide range of factors, including genetics, nutrition and digestion, treatments and pharmaceuticals, stress levels, product development and much more!

 Faculty member with dog


Anyone interested in the health of domesticated animals or humans can pursue an animal science major with a pre-vet or pre-med degree option within our department.


Animal Science Major


Graduate Program


Pre-Vet Club


Undergraduate Research



 Our animal health and wellness research focuses on:

  • Developing novel alternatives to antibiotics.
  • Environmental adaptability of domestic animals.
  • Minimizing stress in animal production environments.
  • The effects of therapy dogs on wellness.
  • The effect of diet on digestion, growth performance and carcass traits.
  • Understanding factors that contribute to a healthy and productive transition into lactation for dairy cows.
  • Understanding interactions between nutrition and health in high-risk receiving calves.

Our Research



We strive to keep the industry and consumers informed with up-to-date research data and outreach efforts.


Animal Health and Wellness Resources


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