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The world population is expected to reach between 9 and 10 billion people by 2050. Additionally, rising incomes and increasing urbanization is expected to substantially increase global demand for animal protein (meat, milk, eggs, and fish) in the coming decades.


Simultaneous to increasing animal protein demand, the productivity of animal agriculture will likely be constrained by climate change and variability, and the availability of natural resources (e.g. water).


There is increasing interest, in the United States and globally, in the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of animal agriculture. In the face of this challenging situation, our sustainability research is concerned with meeting the food security and sustainability needs of the coming decades.

Cow eating feed from trough


Depending on the type of sustainability a student is interested in, they can pursue a degree in either animal science or food science within our department .


Animal Science Major


Food Science Major


Graduate Program




Our sustainability research focuses on:

  • Evaluating new technologies to improve the sustainability of beef grazing systems.
  • The use of these technologies across all stages of beef production.
  • Investigating the impact of the use of technologies on the sustainability of beef production and animal welfare over the lifetime of the animal.

Our Research



We strive to keep beef cattle producers and consumers informed with up-to-date research data and outreach efforts.


Beef Cattle Extension


Sustainability Resources



  • What is sustainability?


    Sustainability focuses on maintaining an adequate level of a resource.


    It involves making sure the current needs are being met without depleting a resource for future generations.

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