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Cutting Edge Technology

$14 billion national horticulture industry
The $6 million Greenhouse Learning Center allows Oklahoma State University students to be active participants in the $14 billion national horticulture industry. Here, they learn real-world management and propagation of plant materials in state of the art facilities.
Each greenhouse is independently climate controlled using an automated micro-grow greenhouse system that continuously monitors conditions like temperature and humidity. Other state of the art features include LED and high pressure sodium grow lights, rolling benches and automatic dark shades.

Student Projects

Abbie Wooten, REEU student conducting research.

Research/Extension Experience for Undergrad Students

Abbie Wooten, REEU student is evaluating variation in morphological traits in selections of nimblewill (Muhlenberghia schreberi). This native grass is commonly observed as a weed species in cool-season lawns and woodland trails, and may have potential as a turfgrass for dry, shaded lawns. Abbie’s research will measure morphological traits to determine if dwarf selections from home lawns maintain shorter heights, finer leaf blades, and shorter internodes than wild types collected from woodland trails.

Deep water culture plant's roots are suspended in an oxygenated nutrient solution at the Greenhouse Learning Center.

Deep Water Culture

Students are learning and developing deep water culture plants. The plant's roots are suspended in an oxygenated nutrient solution. Soil provides gaps where air is present, thus the water needs to be oxygenated for the plants to survive. Soil also contains macro and micro nutrients for the plants so in hydroponics the oxygenated water is supplemented with nutrients. In a deep water culture, the deeper the water level the more stable the nutrient solution will remain.

Katie collecting data on the production of hops, a new crop for Oklahoma.

Production of Hops

Katie Stenmark is collecting data. The project aims to develop baseline information for production of hops, a new crop for Oklahoma. As a new crop, this outreach component is critical to establishing networks for prospective farmers entering a new marketplace.

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