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Internship Handbook

Landscape Architecture

Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University

  • Syllabus

    Eligibility: Students must have successfully completed at least 24 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have at least one semester remaining toward degree completion. Typically, students do their internship the summer after their third or fourth year.

    Enrolling: Students must enroll in LA 3010.

    Credit: two (2) credits are required for the degree in Landscape Architecture. One (1) credit is earned for each 160 hours worked. Up to six (6) internship credits may count toward a BLA degree.

    Grading: Grading is Pass/Fail and is based on fulfilling all course requirements listed below.

    Course Requirements: Each of the following requirements must be met to pass LA3010.

    1. Complete the internship application and have it approved by the student's academic advisor BEFORE the internship begins.
    2. Work the required hours (360 hours is required for two credits.)
    3. Complete monthly reports (two pages each) these are due on the first of each month and turn them in on time to the faculty internship coordinator.
    4. Make an 8-minute presentation to the Department on designated internship seminar dates or by arrangement with the faculty internship coordinator.
    5. Complete the form: Student's Evaluation of Internship
    6. Have the cooperator complete the form: Cooperator's Evaluation of Student.
  • Student Responsibilities

    Students must find their own internship. Advisors should be a source of potential contacts but the responsibility for securing an internship lies solely with the student.


    Student must consider their internship a professional responsibility and must fulfill the obligations agreed upon with the cooperator with all professionalism and integrity.


    Salary, housing, health insurance, travel, scheduled time off, length of internship, job responsibilities, etc. must be negotiated by the student.


    If it is not possible to fulfill all obligations the student must communicate that as soon as possible to the cooperator and to the faculty internship coordinator.

  • Cooperator Responsibilities

    Provide the student with a broad learning experience.


    Encourage the student to serve as a productive, thinking employee during the internship.


    Review with the student the goals and purposes set for the work experience and furnish appropriate counseling and guidance during the student's work experience.


    Sign monthly reports or email the advisor confirming the house worked by the student.


    Complete the form: Cooperator's Evaluation of Student.

  • Guidelines for Presentation

    The final presentation is an eight (8) minute oral report given to The Department at date during to be determined the fall semester.


    Most students give a Power Point presentation so taking photographs during the internship is imperative. The presentation should showcase the company you worked for, what you did, learned, created, and accomplished.

Email Donna Dollins to request an electronic version of the Landscape Architecture Internship Handbook.

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