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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Horticulture Club

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The Horticulture Club's mission is to promote and encourage academic, social and professional interests in horticulture. The club joins students with common interests to meet and learn more about horticulture and participate in projects such as production and sale of plants and other horticultural related ornamentals, community service activities, field trips and a spring garden show. Funds made from the various sales are used to finance trips to horticultural areas and businesses, participate in national and regional contests, and provide up to three scholarships to individual members each year.

Pi Alpha Xi

Pi Alpha Xi is the Honorary Society for floriculture, landscape and ornamental horticulture. Its purpose is to recognize high scholarship, to promote the exchange of ideas among members of the professions, to establish cordial relations among students, educators and industry members; and to foster good fellowship among its members. Undergraduate membership is restricted to students of at least Junior standing, specializing in the field of floriculture, landscape and/or ornamental horticulture. Students are selected from the scholastically eligible group on the basis of character and exhibition of promise of continued activity and interest in the field. The student must have an overall GPA of 2.85 or better in all credit hours taken in floriculture, landscape and/or ornamental horticulture. Learn more about Pi Alpha Xi.

American Society of Landscape Architects

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The OSU American Society of Landscape Architects unite Landscape Architecture students to combine their interest and efforts, to extend their knowledge of the profession of landscape architecture, to help advance visibility, and to promote the academic, social, leadership and rpofessional interest of its members.
The Student Chapter, ASLA is affiliated with a National Organization. During the course of the year students participate in numberous activities across the country, including workshops, symposia nad lectures with students from other Universities as well as professional landscape architects.

Sigma Lambda Alpha

Landscape Architecture Honor Society
This Chapter and The Honor Society's primary purpose is to give formal recognition of scholarship to students in Landscape Architecture. The recognition of achievement by students, faculty, and professionals is through electionto membership. It is open to scholars of character from the Landscape Architecture Program and Oklahoma State University, and its activities are designed to serve creatively as The Society strives for the realization of its motto: "Scholar, architect of the land, embrace the whole of nature and art, fit mankind to the earth and the ear to mankind."

Turfgrass Club

The objectives of the Student Chapter of GCSAA is to encourage student participation in activities related to turfgrass management and promote interaction between students and the industry.
Students participate in group activities such as seminars, field trips, internship reviews, special projects, and golf tournaments.  Meetings are held monthly at The Botanic Garden at the Turfgrass Research Center.
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