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Interested in Gardening?

As an OSU student would you be interested in a student garden plot at The Botanic Garden?

OSU Student Garden Plots

The entire area will be student gardens, but each person would have their own 5’ x 10’ space. There is limited space so apply today! 


Garden Application and Waiver Information


The application and waiver contains the following information:

Names, Address, Phone number, College, Student Classification and Banner ID. Each gardener should fill out their own waiver and application, even if sharing a plot.


Questions to consider:

  1. I do not have any gardening space associated with my residence.
  2. I have my own transportation to the garden.
  3. I will be able to maintain my gardening space over the summer.
  4. I am interested in having an accessible garden plot due to a medical disability.


Gardener Authorization and Responsibilities

The following guidelines outline the management of the community garden and its site property. These guidelines have been established by student leaders of the Noble Needs Fellowship and are provided to the property owner to provide gardeners with the authority and permission to use the garden site. The community garden is a privilege, and we, as the community, have a responsibility to keep our community garden managed effectively. The student garden leaders will assign plots, organize maintenance, and coordinate garden related activities. With your signature below, you acknowledge as a participating gardener responsibility for the following:


Garden Guidelines

  1. The garden shed will contain tools. Use the sign out sheet posted in the shed to check out and check in equipment. Please close and lock the door after use.
  2. Please report all broken equipment immediately.
  3. All damaged equipment will be paid for by the gardener responsible for the damage.
  4. Report all equipment issues to,, or
  5. If you have a question or need to know how to use a piece of equipment, please ask for help.
  6. Garden plots are 5’ by 10’ and can be marked off using small stakes and string,
  7. Please avoid any metal or materials that need to be planted deeply in the ground to prevent puncturing irrigation.
  8. If there are any pest issues, please report as soon as possible so that the plants may be sprayed to prevent spread.
  9. All inorganic pesticides will be sprayed by garden overseers.
  10. Report all pest issues to,, or
  11. Please include what plants are contaminated, as well as the name of the pest if known.
  12. Do not obstruct garden pathways or add any ornaments, such as gravel or large rocks, that will make plot turnover difficult.
  13. There will be no alcohol, drugs, illicit substances, or other forms of carousing in the garden, as well as no pets, no littering, and no fires.
  14. Watering will be done using drip tape. If the gardener wishes to water more frequently, hand watering tools will be provided.
  15. Gardeners are encouraged to bring their own plants/seeds in addition to any that the overseers may provide.
  16. Gardeners will not hold Oklahoma State University or any of the garden overseers accountable for any injuries or damage sustained.


Garden Rules

  1. Gardeners will be respectful of the communal garden area and clean up after themselves appropriately (see the Clean-Up Policy).
  2. Gardeners will harvest from their own plots unless given permission by another gardener.
  3. Gardeners will not apply inorganic pesticides or fertilizers themselves at any time.
  4. Gardeners will attend at least one Garden Work Day and at least one Garden Workshop.
  5. Gardeners will pick up their trash in the garden.
  6. Gardeners will plant only annual plants in their plots, with any tall plants being planted in appropriate places so as not to shade other plots.
  7. Vine or branching plants will be placed so that they do not intrude on other gardeners’ plots.


Clean-Up Policy

  1. Any dead plants will be removed promptly and placed in the appropriate garden compost bin.
  2. All trash will be disposed of appropriately.
  3. At the end of each season, plots will be cleared by the gardeners.
  4. Failure to clean up will result in an offense.


Termination Policy

  1. On the first and second offense, an email will be sent to the gardener.
  2. If plants are not in the ground by June 1 or September 1 then the plot is forfeited.
  3. On the third offense, the gardener will be verbally warned in addition to an email.
  4. Any offenses after that will be cause for immediate termination of the gardener’s garden privileges. Terminated gardeners will have 2 weeks to clean their plots and remove plants.
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