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The Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management provides instruction, research and Extension expertise that focuses on the natural resources of fisheries, forests, rangeland and wildlife within and beyond the boundaries of Oklahoma
Our mission is to increase public awareness and understanding through teaching, research and Extension, of the ecology, management and sustainable use of these natural resources that are important for maintaining ecosystem health, species diversity, agriculture and forest production, hunting and fishing, and the enjoyment of experiencing nature.


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About Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Where Do You See Yourself?

Some potential career paths with a degree from our department include: conservation officer, environmental consultant, fire ecologist, fisheries biologist, forest resource manager, game warden, rangeland conservationist, refuge/preserve manager, research scientist, stream ecologist, veterinarian or zoo biologist.

What does Natural Resource Ecology & Management Involve?

The department provides an integrated education in renewable natural resource management, conservation, and utilization, as well as a valuable perspective for understanding and solving critical contemporary environmental problems at local, regional and global scales.

What is Natural Resource Ecology & Management?

A degree in natural resource ecology and management will give you an education in renewable natural resources management, conservation and use. You will gain a valuable perspective for understanding and solving critical environmental problems on local, regional and global scales.

Why study Natural Resource Ecology & Management?

The quality of our lives is directly connected to the health of our ecosystems. The natural resource ecology and management program will give you the tools and experiences needed to understand and apply ecological sciences and principles to benefit mankind and the environment.


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